Luis Muñoz Photography

Amnesia *


The disconnection of human beings with nature is a problem that is barely visible.

In a few generations we have been losing our natural link. Without realizing it, we have gone from having our place in nature to being completely disconnected from it, becoming unaware of the footprint we leave and the place we occupy on our planet.

We are the most polluting species and the one that wastes the most resources, but it is very difficult for us to avoid or change this spiral because the society in which we live imposes its reality, which is very difficult to reverse as individuals.

Amnesia is a documentary proposal with a contemporary slant that invites to think about this problem.

The motifs to be photographed are those popular habits, socially accepted, which show the disconnection of human beings with nature and the emptiness that, consciously or not, we feel because of it.

As with other environmental problems, we must find a way to feel part of our natural environment again. It is the only way to reconnect with our own nature and reestablish that balance and our link with the only home we have.

* Project in progress.