Luis Muñoz Photography



The sensitivity and intelligence applied by Estudio Pablo Gallego and Ohayō in the construction of this brand required to show in detail its design and texture.

These wines enjoy a special flavour thanks to the vegetal and floral mantle that populates their vineyards, as well as the veil of flower under which they mature in the barrel, protected from oxygen. They are generated from the same grape (fino, amontillado, oloroso, etc.) so it was necessary to make a deep reflection on their characteristics, their relationships and differences in a way understandable to those unfamiliar with fortified wines.

To explain this process, a two-digit numerical exponential code system was constructed, where the first digit expresses the time the wine spends maturing under flower and the second digit the time it spends maturing by oxidation.

This system allows understanding the differences between different types of wine in a simple and intuitive way, which coincides with the evolution of the colour of the wine and its price (the greater the oxidation, the darker the colour and the higher the price), leaving the future needs to understand the characteristics of new wines solved.

In the case of Robles: Bajoflor 2/0 for the fino wine, which spends 2 years under flower and 0 oxidizing; Bajoflor 5/3 for its amontillado wine and Bajoflor 0/6 for its oloroso wine. And Bajosol 0/0 for the Pedro Ximénez raisin wine.

Estudio Pablo Gallego and Ohayō´s work with Bajoflor and Bajosol won Best Design at the Sakura Wine Award in Tokyo 2018.